The Oxbow Archaeologists


The Oxbow Archaeologists are a professionally mentored group of avocational archaeologists. Our goal is to help the general public understand Midland County’s cultural heritage by excavating and interpreting Chippewa Nature Center’s archaeological remains. This falls within Chippewa Nature Center’s mission of facilitating the enjoyment and understanding of our natural and cultural resources as relevant to the Saginaw Valley ecosystems, to promote environmental awareness, and to foster responsible stewardship.

We meet on Wednesday evenings from 6:00-8:00 P.M. and Saturdays starting at 9:00 A.M. in the Resource Building at Chippewa Nature Center. For information on participating, contact Chippewa Nature Center at 989-631-0830.



For thousands of years Native Americans camped along the banks of the Chippewa and Pine rivers. Remains of their campsites have been found at several locations on the grounds of CNC! In the 1970’s excavations were conducted at two of these sites, SUMAC BLUFF and Naugle. CNC also curates the collection from the Paleo-Indian BARNES SITE. The Oxbow Archaeologists are currently excavating at the stratified SIAS EAST site.



The Oxbow Archaeologists are conducting research on historic period archaeological sites under the direction of Dr. Scott Beld. We have excavated at THE PONTON SITE, an 1830’s settler occupation, THE CATER SITE, an early nineteenth century Chippewa occupation and an 1840’s settler occupation, as well as 20MD534, another early nineteenth century Chippewa occupation. Follow the links on this page to explore these sites and other Oxbow activities.