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Spring Break Nature Challenge 2020

The Naturalists at Chippewa Nature Center challenge you to head outside and share your early spring sightings. Keeping a safe distance from those outside your household, look high and low, in your backyard, neighborhood and beyond to see what kinds of plants and animals you can find this Spring Break. Don’t know the name for a species? No problem, log it here and CNC Naturalists will help with identification and questions you may have. Log your observations and check out what everyone else is finding!

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Spring Nature Break

Enjoy a craft, exploration and game related to each topic!


Spring Nature Break - Plants   Spring Nature Break - Mammals   Spring Nature Break - Insect
Plants are very unique and a good indicator of the arrival of spring. Enjoy the day looking at, interacting with and experiencing the power of plants!
Children connect with mammals partially for their cute and fuzzy appearance but also due to their size. Spend a wonderful day celebrating magnificent mammals!
Insects are cold-blooded animals meaning their body temperature matches their
environment. Depending on how cold it is outside insects may be hard to find. Good luck on your hunt for interesting insects today!


Spring Nature Break - Reptiles & Amphibians   Spring Nature Break - Birds    
Reptiles & Amphibians
Reptiles and amphibians have been sleeping all winter because they are cold-blooded and get their heat from their environment. Some are still sleeping! Be a detective today to discover where reptiles and amphibians are hiding!
Birds can be found everywhere. Use your eyes, your ears and maybe even your hands or feet to find beautiful birds in a green space near you!


Nature Lessons


Use these lessons for daily nature exploration.
Special activities are suggested for students in Kindergarten
through 5th grade, but all ages are encouraged to explore these topics.

Tree Conversations      
Tree Conversation Starters by Grade Level (K-5) & Tree-related activities
Spend the week learning about trees. Make sure they use their tree journal as they explore the trees in their yard.
This week we are learning about worms. Head outside and explore
the wonderful world of worms.

Youth Scavenger Hunts


Save these on your phone or print them
and take them on your next nature adventure!

Patterns in Nature
Explore an outdoor space near your home and help your child discover these patterns and shapes in nature.
  Spring Scavenger Hunt
Now that it is officially spring its time to head outside for our spring scavenger hunt. We encourage you to share your experience with us on Facebook.


Scavenger Hunt Challenges


Try your hand at one of these challenging Nature Hunts.
See if you can find all of the items and then
share your discoveries on our Facebook page.
Good luck!

    Scavenger Hunt
Nature Scavenger Hunt
The kids shouldn't have all the fun. Here is a challenging nature scavenger hunt. We encourage you to find them all and share with us on Facebook.
  Nature Signs
Grab your camera and get
creative with nature. Can you
spot all the letters of your name
outside? Look at our example
and then create one of your own.
  Nature Scavenger Hunt
There are lots of things happening out in nature this week and we have created a scavenger hunt to get you engaged in spring. Do you have what it takes to find them all?