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The Summer of 2020 may be a lot different than any of us have ever experienced.
Even with camp canceled, it is important for us here at Chippewa Nature Center to continue
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Click on the video above to hear our message and start this summer with a much needed Flagpole Song. It is sure to be out of this world!   Because I came to CNC, I know what I want to be, is one of our all-time favorite flagpole songs. It hints at camps underlying core value of growing as a person.  Nature Day Camp strives to create an environment where campers feel safe to try new things, celebrates being curious, and encourages each person to stretch their comfort zone. Whether it is sharing artwork, touching a snake, or sleeping in a tent for the first time, I hope you and your family take full advantage of the opportunities that are abundant in nature and enjoy the long summer days of June!   Each summer, CNC invites talented, dedicated educators from across the country to share their love for the outdoors with the children of our community.  Team members each have a unique set of strengths and past life experiences that has the potential to influence Nature Day Camp for years to come.  The team as a whole puts forth a tremendous amount of effort to create and maintain an environment where each individual can be themselves and is valued.  Camp is a place to be silly and celebrate all things weird. It is not surprising then that the 2019 team selected the older camper fan-favorite Bearded Ninja as the song of the summer.  The song Counselor Jared brought to us may be around for a while - sorry. Enjoy the silly side of camp!
One of the key ways Nature Day Camp connects children to the natural world is by exploring wild places. Whether it is turning over logs in the forest, catching creatures at the pond, or being fully immersed in the river, we match our campers enthusiasm for making discoveries and aim to encourage their curiosity. On any given day, you never know what you might discover. We hope you Venture Out! to the Chippewa Nature Center - you could even encounter Bowser!   As summer continues to CHUG along, we hope you and your family are finding ways to connect to the outdoors and with the community.  This week, consider having your family visit the Chippewa Nature Center to have unstructured fun in The Woods Natural Play Area, bike the Chippewa Trail, or float the Chippewa River.  We hope to see you on the trails.  Be sure to share your findings with Chippewa Nature Center naturalists.   CNC will be offering in-person youth programming starting the week of July 27 to welcome back children 4 to 13 years old for camp-like experiences. Each group will have ten participants with two educators. Families can expect a variety of programs filled with favorite experiences unique to Nature Day Camp. Learn more about Summer Adventures


We often tell our newest team members that everyone, including staff, who participates in Nature Day Camp, has the opportunity to learn and grow as a person. Camp is often a stepping stone for future teachers, engineers, doctors, and many more professions that are too numerous to list. We hope the lessons learned at CNC stay with them as they move on with their lives and careers and that it helps them to have a positive impact on their future classrooms, work environments, and ultimately the communities they call home. We are incredibly grateful for all they have given for our children and camp. Share this special version of Hey Hey Bo-diddly Bop with your campers from Nature Day Camp Staff Alumni. I bet they are still seen as Rock Stars by your children!   Welcoming children back for Summer Adventures led to some fantastic discoveries at CNC this week. The participants fully immersed themselves into the ecosystems and discovered fantastically wild creatures. Whether it was meeting a gigantic spider in the meadow, holding a crayfish at the wetlands, or capturing garter snakes in the woods, nurturing the sense of wonder in children is serious business for our team. The natural world did not disappoint! We hope your family will Venture Out to CNC to make your own wild discoveries. Stop into the CNC Visitor Center and ask a naturalist to borrow a net to assist in your adventures.   As summer ends, I want to thank you all for your continued support of the Chippewa Nature Center. We hope you enjoyed the Summer Activities and Adventures provided and that your family was able to still connect with the natural world in your own unique ways. I so look forward to welcoming campers back to Nature Day Camp in 2021. Our team is already planning and preparing for amazing outdoor camps and experiences to help develop and maintain lifelong, meaningful relationships with nature. Please stay safe, be well, and Venture Out!

Stewardship Challenges



NDC Trading Cards:
2020 Outer Space Edition

Taking care of each other and nature are always a big part of what we do at camp. 
In what has become an all-time favorite activity, campers will have the opportunity to collect
team member's trading cards by completing the highlighted stewardship challenge for the week.

Send a photo or a note to stating the challenge completed. 
Earned Trading Cards will be available for pick up or placed in the mail throughout the summer!

  Kylo Wren  
Earn Milkweed-Way's Card
by completing the
Monarch and Native Plant Stewardship Challenge
  Earn Kylo Wren's Card
by completing the
Backyard Nature Discoveries and iNaturalist Stewardship Challenge
  Earn GARDENAUT's Card
by completing the
Tend a Garden Stewardship Challenge


Earn Northern Blazing Star's Card by completing the
Butterfly Feeder Stewardship Challenge
  Earn the card of Marshian by conquering the Picking up Litter Stewardship Challenge   Earn Junipiter's card by conquering the Invasive Species Pull at Your Home Challenge


Earn Piscid Nighthawk's Card by completing the Nature Hike Stewardship Challenge   Earn Luna Moth's card by conquering the Using Field Guides & Phone Apps to Identify Local Wildlife Stewardship Challenge   Earn the card of the Clyde the Astronomer, a.k.a the Corn Snake (NDC Ambassador Animal) by conquering his Find a Reptile Stewardship Challenge


Nature Art & Exploration Kits



If you’re looking for new ways to engage the children in your life with nature,
check out the Nature Exploration Kits that CNC staff are putting together this summer.
Each kits contain clear instructions, materials, and information to guide fun family explorations.

Kits may be ordered through the online store and will be available for
curbside pick-up at the Visitor Center the following day (while supplies last).
New kits and items will be available throughout the summer, so check back regularly.

Nature Art & Exploation Kit - Ecosystems   Aquatic Kit  
This kit for children ages 4-9 will guide you through explorations and activities for the forest, meadow, and pond. Projects in this kit include a walking stick (stick not supplied), spider web weaving, watercolor, colored pencil, and clay projects. Suggestions for extensions are also included.
  Aquatic Adventures
Tucked in a cinch backpack, your young explorer will find all they need to enjoy exploring ponds and other aquatic environments. A small net, bucket, identification cards, observation notebook, activity suggestions and more will help them discover life in and around the pond.
  Food Chains
Nature Art and Exploration: Food Chains is designed for children ages 7+ and will guide you through explorations and activities for the sun, producers, consumers, and decomposers. Projects in this kit include solar beads, sun paper, pressed plant keychains, plant poundings, nature critter creation, painting rocks, chalk drawings, and worm paintings


Thought of the Week



Embrace Messy Play


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