Homestead Sundays
Chippewa Nature Center

Memorial Day-Labor Day
1-5 pm
Free Admission

2024 Homestead Sunday themes

Homestead Sundays offer a chance to connect with the past, natural resources and family. Whether you want to explore at your own pace or participate in a program, there's something for everyone! Each Sunday has a different theme. Check in weekly to see what seasonal activities are available.

Be your own guide:

  • Discover and visit livestock - Pigs, sheep, cows and chickens call the Homestead Farm home in the summer. Please remember these are farm animals and not pets. Though they are cute and spunky, they can nibble fingers and sometimes don’t know their own strength.

  • Explore historic buildings - How was life different in the late 1800s? Speak with volunteers about families that lived right here on CNC property, explore artifacts and tool sheds, watch rural living skill demonstrations and even attend a mini school lesson!

  • Hands-on! Jump in the action with self-guided and volunteer led activities. Sort beans, dress a scarecrow, pump water, sweep the barn or cabin, wash clothes, strike up a band, grind herbs and spices or even work in the fields and gardens!

  • Explore the Gardens - Visit the heirloom garden and walk amongst varieties of vegetables older than us all! Chat with a volunteer to learn about traditional uses and cultivation practices. Then head over to the children’s garden to explore how these practices have adapted over time. Roll up your sleeves - the children’s garden is full of hands-on opportunities!

Line2024 Homestead Sunday Themes


June 2 – Get to Know the Homestead – With spring in the air, a visit to the Homestead Farm will connect you to our local natural resources and rich history.

June 9 – Meet the Farm Animals – Farm animals are an essential part of life on the farm.

June 16 – Simple Machines on the Farm – Stop by and learn how simple machines helped them to complete their many tasks.

June 23 – Bees and Pollination – Discover the different pollinators that visit the garden on the farm and learn how to help them flourish.

June 30 – A Day on the Farm – What kind of chores had to be completed on the farm? Stop by and help out!

July 7 – Leisure Activities and Games – Come relax with us and try your hand at graces and stilts or enjoy a leisurely walk through the garden.

July 14 – Fiber, Folk Arts and Textiles – Try your hand at carding or spinning wool, learn how fleece is processed into yarn and create your own!


July 21 – Visit the Gardens – Learn about Heirloom vegetables and how settlers used herbs and plants in the 1870s.

July 28 – Shelter and Timber Tools – Visit the barn and shelters for farm animals that were constructed before the age of power tools.

August 4 – Schoolhouse – What was it like to go to school in the 1870s? Visit the one-room school house to find out.

August 11 – Day at the Cabin – Experience what life was like for a farm family in the 1870s by exploring the Homestead cabin.

August 18 – Bountiful Gardens – In the 1870s, gardens were an important source of food for the farm family.

August 25 – Celebrate the Coming Harvest – Summer is winding down. Join in on traditional games and activities the family might enjoy while at the fair.



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