Chippewa Nature Center

If you have a question regarding Chippewa Nature Center, please email us, call 989.631.0830 or inquire via Facebook. There is a naturalist on duty in the Visitor Center Mon-Sat from 8am-5pm and Sun and select holidays from 12-5pm.

Do you take injured or orphaned animals?

Chippewa Nature Center is not licensed to rehabilitate wild animals. If you have an animal in need of care, visit the DNR web site for a list of Michigan Licensed Rehabilitators near you or check with the local DNR Office – 989-684-9141 (Mon-Fri).

I caught a raccoon in a live trap. Can I release it at the nature center?

No, CNC does not allow raccoons to be released here. There is too much potential for the spreading of disease, especially with a wild animal that habituates so quickly to people. Raccoons are also heavily over-populated, causing great destruction to many other animal species, especially songbirds and turtles.

Can I bring my dog to walk on the trails?

No, CNC does not allow pets. As a nature center, our primary goal is to help people enjoy and learn about nature. Dogs are a potential threat to wildlife and a disturbance to other visitors. However, there are many local options for walking your dog in a natural setting; all of the Midland City and County parks are open to pets.

Are there bathrooms I can use after the Visitor Center closes?

Yes, the nearby Resource Building has restrooms and a water fountain that are open dawn-to-dark seven days per week. As you approach the Visitor Center from the parking lot, turn right on the sidewalk (as though you were heading for the River Trail). It will lead you past the split rail fence of the wigwam area to the Resource Building.

Where can I bike at CNC?

Visitors may bike on the 3.5 mile paved Chippewa Trail between CNC and Downtown Midland and on Homestead Road.

Are the trails groomed for cross country skiing?

Most of the nature center's trails are open for cross-country skiing (the paved Arbury Trail is the exception). The River Trail, Homestead Trail and Chippewa Trail are groomed when there is enough snow for the grooming equipment (at least four inches).

Where is the best mushroom picking at CNC?

Picking and collecting anything, including mushrooms, is not allowed at the Nature Center. Please leave the mushrooms, berries, flowers, dropped antlers and other natural items left for other visitors to enjoy.

Do you rent canoes or kayaks?

No, CNC does not rent canoes or kayaks. We have canoes and kayaks that are used in our programs, but they are not available for rent.

Can I go canoeing or kayaking at CNC?

CNC has a universal access site on the Chippewa River on Chippewa River Road, ΒΌ mile west of M-30. We have an additional access point on the Chippewa River on our main property along the Homestead Road. The ponds at CNC are not open to paddlers.

Can I fish at CNC?

Anglers may access the rivers (Pine and Chippewa) only at our canoe landings and fish from the river, which is public property. Fishing from the banks is not allowed.

Where can I access the nature center trails?

There are parking areas and trail heads at the Visitor Center, River Point, Ridge, Wetlands and Homestead areas. See the map to locate these areas. We ask that you do not access the trails from non-designated areas, such as parking along the roads.

Are there wheelchairs available for use at the Nature Center?

There are two wheelchairs you may borrow from the Visitor Center.

Can I have my wedding at CNC?

No, CNC does not rent space for weddings.

Do you rent space to the public?

Rental areas are limited to availability in the Visitor Center when space is not being used for CNC programming. For rental information, contact the CNC Scheduler at 989.631.0830.