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  • Recommended Reading

Recommended Readings

Rites of Conquest

For those who seek a better understanding of the history of Michigan’s Native Americans, this book provides an excellent overview of Native American history through European contact, the fur trade, treaty making, reservation establishment and into modern times.

Where Two Worlds Meet

This book uses images of Great Lakes fur trade era artifacts and period illustrations to investigate the importance of the fur trade and how people from two different worlds exchanged goods and ideas, changing both cultures forever.

Winter World

How animals, particularly the golden-crowned kinglet, survive the winter. A fabulous read by Bernd Heinrich!

Caterpillars of Eastern North America

At last, a full-sized field guide to caterpillars! Use it for more than a field guide, though, because it is chock-full of natural history and behavioral information.

Forest and Thicket, Swamp and Bog, etc.

Books by the late John Eastman are not field guides, but are loaded with information on ecological interactions, folklore and other facets not easily found in other sources.

Songs of Insects

This book by Lang Elliott and Wil Hershberger, includes a wonderful CD of the songs of katydids, grasshoppers, crickets and tree crickets from (mostly) eastern North America .  Has wonderful natural history information and practical tips such as which species will continue to sing when under the glare of a flashlight.

Field Guide to Insects of North America

This book by Kenn Kaufman is a practical, easy-to-use guide, albeit focusing on the more common species. Wonderful photographs Kaufman-style (altered to highlight the key ID features).

Spiders of the North Woods

The “North Woods” series by Larry Weber doesn’t technically include southern Michigan, but still, a beautiful guide to most of the spiders of this area. Packed full of interesting information on spiders, from web-building to mating behaviors.