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A Sad Fate: The Passenger Pigeon in Michigan

Once the most numerous bird species in the world, the Passenger Pigeon was driven to extinction on September 1, 1914. Kyle Bagnall, Manager of Historical Programs, shares records of early explorers, missionaries and traders, and uncovers tales of the last “grand nesting” in Petoskey in 1878. This one-hour multimedia presentation features historic lithographs, paintings and photos that follow this tragic story from our past in an effort to help build a sustainable future.

About the Presenter:

Kyle Bagnall received his B.A. in Public History from Western Michigan University, and shares many facets of environmental history with CNC audiences of all ages. Since 2011, Kyle has served as Michigan Coordinator of Project Passenger Pigeon, an international effort dedicated to commerating the centenary of the extinction of this amazing species. For more information, visit www.projectpassangerpigeon.org.

To schedule this presentation for your group, class or organization, call CNC or email kbagnall@chippewanaturecenter.org